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Let us watch your bags
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Paphos Smart Luggage Storage

Not sure if you will find available locker?
Don’t risk dragging you bags in the heat or rain, going to other storages without knowing if you will find available lockers!

Lock and Go is the only Smart Luggage Storage in Paphos that you can reserve a locker in advance for the day and time you need it!

In addition only in Lock and Go you can open your locker as many times you want during the time you are renting it! 

If you are a big group and will require more than 2 big lockers, contact us in advance to arrange private storage of your luggage for a better price.

If you are looking for an easy and safe way to store your luggage during check out and your flight, or your arrival and check in, then come to the biggest smart luggage storage in Paphos!

Don’t leave your bags with strangers or in places that other people might have access to, Lock & Go provides a trusty and convenient self service option to store your luggage safe and secure, so you can enjoy exploring Paphos!

Paphos Luggage Storage
Book Online
or directly at the location
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How it works

Reserve a locker online

  1. Click on the “Reserve Now” button above.
  2. Enter your email and select the period you need the locker for.
  3. You will receive a confirmation email when the payment is completed.
  4. You locker will be assigned once the reservations period starts and you can access it through the email you received earlier.

Book on the spot

(Only available for Kato Paphos Storage)

  1.  Select “Rent a Locker” from the screen.
  2. Choose until when you want to use it, set your pin, and pay with the card.
  3. Your assigned locker will open automatically.
  4. To open your locker choose “Login with pin” from the monitor, put your pin and select your locker.

Important to note that if your items touch the door, then the door will not open

Price per hour:
Small         € 1.25

Medium    € 1.50
Large         € 2.25

If you exceed you rental period you will be charged on the same rate as above, adjusted to the exceeded time per minute.

No hidden fees, fixed and transparent pricing!


Lock and Go, the biggest smart luggage storage in Paphos, is conveniently located in Kato Paphos (exactly opposite 612 airport bus stop) and in Peyia/Coral Bay (Coming Soon)

Security and Safety

Paphos Smart Luggage Storage - Lock & Go

Our storage facilities have 24/7 CCTV and access control systems, making sure that your bags are safe and secure.

In addition, luggage stored with Lock & Go is insured against damage, loss, and theft up to €500

The biggest Smart Self Service Luggage Storage in Paphos

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